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Our bodies are designed to live for hundreds of years...
or more.

We utilize the power of faith to beging the positive chain reaction, which leads us into action.

Spirit.     Mind.    Emotions.     Body.    Balance.

We are now at a global level of understanding, which allows us to easily comprehend the simplicity of reprogramming our own lives.   

We reprogram our minds. We reprogram our bodies. We reprogram our emotions.

We align our spirit.

Regeneration Courses and Classes

Course 1 . Mixed Movement
A blend of yoga, thai chi, chi gong, martial arts, varying forms of dance, meditation, and much more fusion.
Students and participants are guided in regenerative principles of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.   Ancient and indigenous concepts and practices are combined with our modern lifestyle to offer balance, harmony, and amplified regeneration.

Allow healing and wellness. We journey together in a more vibrant, happy, and awakened life. Embrace each day with renewed motivation, enthusiasm, and purpose. Your soul's awakening is more than just a possibility; it's a beautiful reality now in action.

The perfect moment...this one!  Let the power of Mixed Movement open your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual channels. Blending the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Thai Chi, Ayurveda, prayer, and varying forms of meditation, Mixed Movement is for everyone. With conscise clear classes and easy excercizes, starting is simple. Regeneration of your bodily cells is a natural process in your original design.  Now, with conscious focus of mind and movement, accelerate your natural regeneration to be the best, healthiest, and happiest version of yourself. Everyday, embrace the movie of your life as a powerful producer of you and let your inner light shine brightly so that you may serve this One Earth with your love.

Our classes cater to all levels, offering physical flexibility, strength, mental clarity, and spiritual vitality. Reconnect and deeply connect with your soul and with your maker, reduce stress, and embrace inner peace.

Start your transformation today. Let Mixed Movement and soul regeneration inspire you to live a vibrant, purposeful life.  

Together In Renewal and Regenreation

Take the first step by getting in touch with us, and let's start this incredible journey together.

In the message section, please write a little bit about yourself.  Please tell us what areas in your life are the most ready for upgrade and reprogramming. Let us know if you are 

We offer Educational Trips, Semesters, Workshops, and On-line courses.

Grow Your Vision

Thanks for loving yourself!

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